Brochure on Banking Awareness
Awareness and knowledge guarantee your protection

Banking awareness is considered the first step for protection and security against any attempt to cheat and fraud. It increases customers understanding of the financial services available in Palestine, as well as ways to use these financial services, make advantage of them, compare among them and ways to obtain such services.
Accordingly; Palestine Commercial Bank put in your hands of this brochure on the baking awareness with the objective of protecting your money and executing your financial and banking transactions in comfort and great flexibility.
Your Bank Account
You should ask for account review on regular basis to detect your accounts and compare them. You should not hesitate to inquire information about any changes or differences from the head of the branch.
• Clearing checks on Israeli banks cannot be done but for the first beneficiary, so you should be careful when dealing with such kind of checks in case they were for other use than the first beneficiary, since then they would not be accepted for deposit and collection through any of our branches.
• When you get a personal checkbook, you are responsible for its safety against stealing, loss or damaged, and in case it is used in a fraud or error you are responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result.
• When you deal in personal checks drawn from your own account, be sure to fulfill their value as the return of any of these checks on your account, whether due to insufficient balance or difference in signature or for any technical reason shall expose you to classification risk in the automated system of returned checks approved by the Palestine Monetary Authority. This shall ultimately lead to deprive you from all benefits and banking services except withdrawal and deposit to your current account. Taking into consideration that there are reasons for returning checks reimbursed by the drawer, including difference in currency, and stop checks.
• When you deposit checks for collecting them, you should know that its value depends on the actual collection by the Bank, and the date of the collection depends on the number of working days, and you are responsible for any claim or claims as a result of any fraud or misrepresentation in any piece of the check deposited by you for collection.
• Interest rates are subject to increase and decrease when due in accordance with the prevailing world prices
unless there is agreement that states other wise.
• Check your money, and count it properly to ensure the safety of the currency and the amount before leaving the teller. The bank is not responsible for any shortage or falsification in the money after leaving the teller.
• When you deposit cash payment make sure you give the correct name and account number to ensure the entry of payment to the correct account.
• Make sure to sign on the deposit slip and it contains the seal and signature of the Treasurer.
• Dear customer, updating your data and informing the bank about any changes would preserve your rights and serve your best interest.
• Save your time and effort, and use the ATM.
• Please note that any violation of legislations, regulations and instructions would lead to loosing your right to correctly practice banking and financial activity.
• We advise you not to accept any cash deposits in your account from unknown source.
• Please contact our complaints department in any branch of the Palestine Commercial Bank for any comment or question.

Avoid scams, fraud and forgery

1. You need to be careful when you do your banking and financial transactions like transferring and sending money, especially in the following cases:
             • When you make a deposit for an apartment that you’ve never seen in your eyes.
             • When you make a payment for goods or services that you did not receive yet.
             • When you make an in advance payment of any kind for fees or taxes for an unexpected winning in lottery or something like that.
             • When you involve yourself in an attractive investment opportunities that will not be repeated in lifetime.
             • When you return cash for the sender of the check.

2. Memorize your credit card or ATM password number, and do not keep it attached with such cards.
3. Choose a difficult password that would be hard for others to guess. It is advised not to associate your password with anything personal such as date of birthdays, phone numbers, names, etc.
4. Change your password every now and then, or whenever is needed.
5. Be careful when you receive any e-mail or phone call asking about your personal or financial information such as your ID number, account number, or passwords, taking into consideration that banks do not ask for such details via e-mail or phone.
6. Use Always a protection program to protect your computer from viruses and hackers.
7. Destroy any financial statements you receive from your bank that you do not need before getting rid of them.

Your Credit Record

• Make sure of your ability to pay your monthly loan payments before determining the amount of the loan you intended to get.
• You must receive a copy of contracts and documents and make sure of the interest rates and commissions collected from you.
• Dear Customer; your credit record is very important, so make sure of any sponsorship you make.
• Note that all your bank obligations are entered in central records in all banks, so keep your record clean and free of problems and obstacles.
• It is easier foe customers with clear credit history to borrow again, while those with bad credit history, would find it difficult to obtain new loans, so Keep your credit history clean to guarantee the continuity of the your relationship with the banking institutions, where sponsor treated on an equal basis as the debtor.
• We draw the attention of the current and future banking facilities’ sponsors to the need to take caution and to examine all aspects of any sponsorship made to facilitate and ensure the credibility and the ability of the borrower fulfill his/er payments before offering your sponsorship.
• It is important to inquire and ask about any piece of information that is not clear for you, please feel free to direct your questions to our staff as they are in your service all the time.

Savings and investments

We aim at achieving the optimal savings, investment of funds and keeping valuables.

What we do believe in is that we do not save only money, what we really save is our feeling of personal comfort and security!
So, even a small amount of saving makes us feel well and secured, and that we need no one to borrow from, in case you faced a sudden financial crisis.
We advise you our dear customer to start saving even if in small amount.
Go ahead and open your saving account now at the Palestine Commercial Bank and enjoy personal security.

It is very important to start educating our children on the importance of savings even in young ages, in order to prepare them for the future and to create a well economically educated generation. In this context, the Palestine Commercial Bank offers you an interesting savings accounts program for children "Tomorrow is ours" to encourage children to grow the habit of saving. This program provides a wide range of unique features in addition to variety of prizes and gifts.

Dear Customer, we recommend to study your project very carefully before making your decision to invest, as well as we encourage you to ask any question in mind to keep your money and yourself away from fraud.

Palestine Commercial Bank offers you variety of comprehensive and unique services and products including movable deposits’ accounts that help you to deposit or withdraw without losing the full amount of interest, taking into consideration that the minimum amount of the deposit is US $ 5000 or equivalent in other currencies.
Add to that, you can get a housing loan to own your dream home, a motor loan to buy a new car, educational loan to secure your future by continuing your university education, and -if you have an urgent need to fund your project- you can get a loan “your project is your collateral” with a wide range of benefits and facilities.

Palestine Commercial Bank also offers the service of safe deposit boxes which provide you a state-of-the-art theft, fire and damage protection system, to ensure the safety of your valuables like gold and securities in very competitive prices. We at the Palestine Commercial Bank reemphasize our commitment to provide full financial and banking services accurately, efficiently and without delay.

For more information or to provide us with your constructive comments and suggestions, please have a look at the Palestine Commercial Bank"s web page at

* Awareness Brochure